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Note: This section is outdated.

  • Nomad Party re-established; rebranded as the People's Unity Party
    Today, Hasani Çakar (current Provisional President and leader of the Nomad Party) announced the official reformation under the new name of the People's Unity Party of Hasanistan. Çakar says that the old name "was a relic" and that the new name will refurbish the party. The...
  • Hasanistan and Occitania sign Treaty of Mutual Recognition
    President of Occitania Babou Chakya signed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition and the Establishment of Bilateral Relations between Hasanistan and Occitania today, officially establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations and establishing the mutual recognition of each other. The treaty, drafted by Provisional President Hasan Çakar, was first sent to the Occitania...
  • Presidential election to be held in February
    Provisional President Hasan Çakar has announced that the presidential election for the first official president following the adoption of the current Constitution shall take place on the first Saturday of February, 2018: so 3 February. Registration of candidates shall begin tomorrow, with aspiring candidates requiring to state their intent through...
  • Hasan Çakar decrees electoral law and Supreme Electoral Council
    Today, Provisional President Hasan Çakar has written the first decree since the adoption of the new Constitution, establishing the electoral laws for Hasanistan ahead of the upcoming planned presidential election, establishing the Supreme Electoral Council and having dismissed...
  • 2017 Census completed
    The Hasani government has completed the 2017 National Census, which records various data regarding the population of Hasanistan. The census has shown that currently, Hasanistan has a population of 8 registered citizens. This is a minor decrease but the government states that the numbers are successful...

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